Toyota AE86 Models/specifications

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Toyota AE86 Models/specifications

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In Japan, the DOHC 4A-GEU AE86 was offered in GT, GT-APEX and GTV trims as the Corolla Levin or Sprinter Trueno. In North America, the top-spec DOHC 4A-GEC was sold as the Corolla GT-S (with AE86 on the build plate in the engine bay but AE88 in the VIN), with the SOHC 4A-C being sold as the Corolla SR5 (with AE86 on the build plate and in the VIN). Both versions were sold with pop-up headlights only. Euro spec models were sold as the Corolla GT with DOHC engines and fixed Levin-style headlights. The Middle East received the same basic model as the North American market, with pop-up headlights and the regulated 5 mph (8 km/h) bumpers.

The lightest AE86 is the Japanese 2 door GT model which weighs 910 kg (2,006 lb). It has the same exterior as the GTV trim, but with the interior of the AE85 with the exception of the gauges, and is equipped with rear drum brakes.

North American AE86 specifications[edit]

A Corolla GTS, with Sprinter Trueno trim modification
There are three types of Corolla Sport RWD for the US market: DX, SR5, and GT-S, though the DX was generally an internal Toyota designation, as brochures, and advertising do not include the DX designation;[3] it consisted of a lower trim level, lighter duty suspension parts and the like.

Model Years of production: 1983 to 1987
Versions: DX, SR5 and GT-S (85+ Only)
Drag Coefficient: 0.39
Note that the VIN and the chassis code do not match for all models.

DX & SR5 specifications[edit]
First 7 characters of VIN: JT2AE85 (DX) or JT2AE86 (SR5)
Chassis code: AE86 (which may differ from the VIN)
Horsepower: 87 hp (64 kW) @ 4800 rpm* Torque: 85 lb·ft (115 N·m) @ 2800 rpm*
Weight: approximately 2200 lb (998 kg) to 2400 lb (1089 kg)
Engine: 4A-C, 1587 cc
Engine type: SOHC 8-valve Inline-4 carbureted
M/T transmission: T50, 6-bolt flywheel
A/T transmission: A42DL, 4-speed overdrive w/lockup torque converter, mechanically controlled, with electronically engaged overdrive
Compression: 9.0:1
Differential: 6.38" Open with 4.10:1 Ratio, 2-pinion (Automatic) (S292) or 3.91:1 ratio, 4-pinion (5-speed) (S314)
Wheels/tires: 13x5" +33 mm offset rims with 185/70R13 tires
GT-S specifications[edit]
First 7 characters of VIN: JT2AE88
Chassis code: AE86 (which differs from the VIN)
Horsepower: 112 hp (84 kW) @ 6600 rpm* Torque: 97 lb·ft (132 N·m) @ 4800 rpm*
Weight: approximately 2200 lb (998 kg) to 2400 lb (1089 kg)
Engine: 4A-GE, 1587 cc
Engine type: DOHC 16-valve Inline-4 AFM Multiport Fuel Injection w/T-VIS
Transmission: T50, 8-bolt flywheel
Injector size: approx. 180 cc, low impedance
Compression: 9.4:1
Differential: 6.7" Open (T282) or optional LSD (USA Only) (T283) with 4.30:1 Ratio, 2-pinion
Wheels/tires: 14x5.5" +27 mm Offset Rims with 185/60R14 82H Tires (195/60R14 85H for 86+ models)


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